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About the 10th Mountain Division Collection

The 10th Mountain Division, specializing in mountain and winter warfare, trained at Camp Hale, Colorado, during World War II. In 1987, the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division, consisting of veterans of the World War II division, designated the Denver Public Library Western History Department and the Colorado Historical Society as joint repositories of their historical materials.

Numerous portions of the 10th Mountain Division collection have been digitized. Approximately eight-hundred photographs, which document training activities as well as combat operations during World War II, are available through our Digital Collections.

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10th Mountain Division Name Lookup Index

Use the Name Lookup Index to determine if a person was a member of the 10th Mountain Division, and the company or Regiment with which he served.

10th Mtn. Division Whites

Search Tips for the 10th Mountain Division Photographs

To get to the 10th Mountain Division Photographs, use the Quick Photo Search box to the left on this page or the Quick Photo Search box on the Digital Collections home page. If you simply enter a search for "10th Mountain" without quotes, you will obtain 830 images that you can scroll through. Some of the descendants consider this to be rather fun. This is fairly inefficient way to search so try searches like "10th Mountain Riva Ridge", "10th Mountain Belvedere" for some of the significant battles, or "10th Mountain Skiing" "10th Mountain Rock Climbing" or my personal favorite, "10th Mountain mules" in order to narrow down what you are looking for.

Highlights from the 10th Mountain Division Photographs

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