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    • The homeless, Victor's big fire

    • View of large groups of people left homeless after a fire in Victor (Teller County), Colorado. Men, women and children stand around household belongings and furniture in numerous piles along hillside. Shows handcarts, buggies and wagons used to...
    • Victor (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Carts & wagons--Colorado--Victor--1890-1900.; Fires--Colorado--Victor--1890-1900.; Homeless persons--Colorado--Victor--1890-1900.
    • 1899 Aug. 21
    • Central Block, Pueblo

    • A crowd of men, women, and children stand on sidewalks, possibly to watch a parade, in front of the Thurlow-Hutton Central Block Building on 2nd (Second) and Main Streets in Pueblo (Pueblo County), Colorado. The rusticated stone office building has...
    • Pueblo (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Commercial facilities--Colorado--Pueblo--1910-1920.; Office buildings--Colorado--Pueblo--1910-1920.
    • [between 1910 and 1915?]
    • Triangulation station

    • Members of the survey crew in hats, sit or stand at the sandy edge of the Colorado River near Pearce Ferry in Mohave County, Arizona. One man stands beside a tripod and transit. Shows probably a photographer's blind on a wooden boat, and survey...
    • Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)--1870-1880.; Grand Canyon (Ariz.)--1870-1880.; Mohave County (Ariz.)--1870-1880.; Pearce Ferry (Ariz.)--1870-1880.; Canyons--Arizona--Mohave County--1870-1880.; Expeditions & surveys--Arizona--Mohave...
    • Tolland, Colorado

    • A man, two women and children pose on the front porch of a wood frame residence in Tolland (Gilpin County), Colorado, formerly known as Mammoth, Colorado. A boy holds the reins of a horse; a dog lies on the ground in front of the group. Shows a...
    • Tolland (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Families--Colorado--Tolland--1900-1910.; Houses--Colorado--Tolland--1900-1910.; Mothers & children--Colorado--Tolland--1900-1910.; Women--Colorado--Tolland--1900-1910.
    • [between 1903 and 1905?]
    • Stone depot, Colorado Springs

    • Men wear suits, stand, and pose with bicycles including one high-wheeled bicycle on tracks in front of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe and Midland Railway depot in Colorado Springs (El Paso County), Colorado. A man is on a horse-drawn "Wells Fargo...
    • Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company--Buildings--1890-1900.; Colorado Midland Railway Company--Buildings--1890-1900.; Colorado Springs (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Pikes Peak (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Bicycles & tricycles--Colorado--Colorado...
    • [1892?]
    • Colorado Central R.R. train from Black Hawk to Golden

    • A view of a Colorado Central Railroad train beside Clear Creek in Clear Creek Canyon in Jefferson County, Colorado. Men pose beside the train, shows a wooden shack.
    • Colorado Central Railroad Company--1870-1890.; Clear Creek (Clear Creek County, Colo.)--1870-1890.; Clear Creek Canyon (Colo.)--1870-1890.; Jefferson County (Colo.)--1870-1890.; Canyons--Colorado--Jefferson County--1870-1890.;...
    • [between 1871 and 1890?]
    • Harrison Avenue in Leadville, Colorado

    • In this view of a festive Harrison Avenue in Leadville, Colorado, the street is decorated with small evergreens, an arch crosses the street in the distance with buntings and garlands, the telephone company's tall cross arm pole with wires is in the...
    • Leadville (Colo.)--1880-1890.; Business districts--Colorado--Leadville--1880-1890.; Commercial facilities--Colorado--Leadville--1880-1890.
    • [between 1885 and 1889]
    • Gallatin County, Montana, flume, lumber at old mill site

    • A man stands and poses on a lumber pile in Gallatin County, Montana. Timber is stacked by probably a water flume in a clearing beside a wooden shelter with a gabled roof. A dense forest is beside the lumber mill.
    • Gallatin County (Mont.)--1890-1910.; Flumes--Montana--Gallatin County--1890-1910.; Logs--Montana--Gallatin County--1890-1910.; Lumber industry--Montana--Gallatin County--1890-1910.; Lumber--Montana--Gallatin County--1890-1910.;...
    • [between 1895 and 1910?]
    • Hot Sulphur Springs

    • Men wear suits and sit or stand near a canvas tent beside coffee pots and a fire pit in Hot Sulphur Springs (Grand County), Colorado. The Willows, Frank Byers' three-story frame house with dormers, a hipped roof, and porches, is beside log cabins,...
    • Byers, Frank S.--Homes & haunts.; Hot Sulphur Springs (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Houses--Colorado--Hot Sulphur Springs--1890-1900.; Tents--Colorado--Hot Sulphur Springs--1890-1900.
    • 1899
    • The Colorado Sugar Manufacturing Co.

    • View of brick structures and a building under construction at the Colorado Sugar Manufacturing Company plant in Grand Junction (Mesa County), Colorado. Shows piles of bricks, iron scaffolding on a stone foundation and mesas in the distance.
    • Colorado Sugar Manufacturing Company--Buildings--1890-1900.; Grand Junction (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Building construction--Colorado--Grand Junction--1890-1900.; Sugar industry--Colorado--Grand Junction--1890-1900.
    • 1899 July 1
    • View from the pavilion at Beaver Creek Station, Colorado Central R.R.

    • A view from the pavilion at Beaver Brook station shows tracks of the Colorado Central Railroad in Clear Creek Canyon in Jefferson County, Colorado. Women stand at a wood frame structure along Clear Creek. The steep walls of the canyon are covered...
    • Colorado Central Railroad Company--1870-1890.; Clear Creek (Clear Creek County, Colo.)--1870-1890.; Clear Creek Canyon (Colo.)--1870-1890.; Jefferson County (Colo.)--1870-1890.; Canyons--Colorado--Jefferson County--1870-1890.; Railroad...
    • [between 1871 and 1890?]
    • Gregory Gulch, East of Central City, Colorado

    • View looking east over Gregory Gulch outside of Central City, Colorado; shows telegraph posts lining the street, wood-frame houses along the road, and a run-down structure with no roof. A road traverses the side of the hill past several mines. ...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Gregory Gulch (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Canyons--Colorado--1890-1900.
    • [between 1890 and 1900?]
    • The Hundley stage line to Cripple Creek via C.M. Ry.

    • Men pose inside and on top of stagecoaches on the Hundley stage line to Cripple Creek, possibly near Divide (Teller County), Colorado. Stagecoaches are drawn by teams of horses and carry luggage or crates. The men wear suits and hats. A fence and a...
    • Teller County (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Stagecoaches--Colorado--Teller County--1890-1900.
    • [between 1893 and 1894?]
    • Central City newspaper offices, Register Call, Colo.

    • In the narrow space between the Register building and the Williams Stables a wooden staircase ascends a hill. A two story house, built above a retaining wall, is at the top of the hill.
    • Central City (Colo.)--1930-1940.; Retaining walls--Colorado--Central City--1930-1940.; Stairways--Colorado--Central City--1930-1940.
    • [between 1930 and 1940]
    • The Hundley stage line to Cripple Creek via C.M.R.R.

    • Horse-drawn stagecoaches on the Hundley stage line to Cripple Creek are on a dirt road in probably Teller County, Colorado. Men wear suits, hats, and coats and pose on the road, inside stagecoaches, or on stagecoach roofs. Shows a meadow and dense...
    • Teller County (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Dirt roads--Colorado--Teller County--1880-1890.; Stagecoaches--Colorado--Teller County--1880-1890.
    • [between 1882 and 1883?]
    • Colorado City from High Drive

    • View over Colorado City, (capitol of Colorado Territory in 1861) El Paso County, Colorado; shows Victorian houses, false front businesses, churches, brick homes and commercial buildings; signs on businesses include: "Portland Street Cleaning," and...
    • Colorado City (Colo.)--1890-1910.
    • [between 1890 and 1910]
    • Snowy Range

    • View of a Colorado Central Railroad train and switchback track probably between Black Hawk and Central City in Gilpin County, Colorado. Mountains are in the distance.
    • Colorado Central Railroad Company--1870-1880.; Gilpin County (Colo.)--1870-1880.; Railroads--Colorado--Gilpin County--1870-1880.
    • 1878
    • View from University Place looking E.

    • Panoramic view of farm houses and buildings east of University Hill in Boulder (Boulder County), Colorado.
    • Boulder (Colo.)--1890-1910.; Cities & towns--Colorado--Boulder--1890-1910.; Farmhouses--Colorado--Boulder--1890-1910.
    • [between 1896 and 1910?]
    • View in the high country

    • A man stands on a rock formation on a steep slope near the headwaters of the Dirty Devil River in Wayne County, Utah. Shows Douglas fir trees and mountains in the distance.
    • Wayne County (Utah)--1870-1880.; Expeditions & surveys--Utah--Wayne County--1870-1880.; Mountains--Utah--Wayne County--1870-1880.; Rock formation--Utah--Wayne County--1870-1880.; Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian (U.S.)
    • At the camp above plant of Index Oil Shale Co., De Beque, Colo.

    • Men wear suits, ties, overcoats, and felt hats and stand beside trees outside the Index Oil Shale Company plant in De Beque (Mesa County), Colorado. Shows metal and frame buildings and tall smokestacks. A flag above a building reads "Index." Metal...
    • Index Oil Shale Company--1920-1930.; Oil-shale industry--Colorado--De Beque--1920-1930.; De Beque (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Mining--Colorado--De Beque--1920-1930.; Refineries--Colorado--De Beque--1920-1930.
    • [between 1920 and 1930?]
    • Types of Mohave Indians

    • Two Native American (Mohave Apache) men pose in Arizona. The men have long braids in front and long hair down their backs. They wear loincloths and pose beside rocks and the Colorado River.
    • Indians of North America--Arizona--1870-1880.; Mohave Indians--Arizona--1870-1880.; Expeditions & surveys--Arizona--1870-1880.; Men--Arizona--1870-1880.; Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian (U.S.)
    • Manitou Springs

    • People stand in a group near the Navajo Soda Spring gazebo with a conical, faceted roof and tree branch supports in Manitou Springs (El Paso County), Colorado. Shows frame commercial buildings or houses on Manitou Avenue and the first Manitou...
    • Manitou Springs (Colo.)--1870-1880.; Commercial facilities--Colorado--Manitou Springs--1870-1880.; Gazebos--Colorado--Manitou Springs--1870-1880.; Springs--Colorado--Manitou Springs--1870-1880.
    • [1878?]
    • Chautauqua Auditorium

    • View of the frame Chautauqua Auditorium building in Boulder (Boulder County), Colorado. The building has open sides and square towers with hipped roofs. Canvas tents are set up near the auditorium. Shows mountains and The Flatirons in the distance.
    • Boulder (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Chautauquas--Colorado--Boulder--1890-1900.; Tents--Colorado--Boulder--1890-1900.
    • [between 1898 and 1899]
    • Camp gathering

    • Men, women and children pose in a meadow at a camp of probably the officers of the 22nd (twenty-second) infantry at Fort Keogh (Custer County), Montana. A canvas tent has a stencil with a rifle insignia and reads: "22". Men hold cigars and wear...
    • Fort Keogh (Mont.)--1890-1900.; Children--Montana--Fort Keogh--1890-1900.; Military camps--Montana--Fort Keogh--1890-1900.; Military officers--Montana--Fort Keogh--1890-1900.; Tents--Montana--Fort Keogh--1890-1900.; Women--Montana--Fort...
    • [between 1890 and 1900?]
    • Grand Junction, Colorado, in the residence district

    • View of a tree-lined residential street in Grand Junction (Mesa County), Colorado. Multi-story houses are brick, half-timbered, and have porches, lawns and sidewalks. Shows ruts in the dirt street.
    • Grand Junction (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Houses--Colorado--Grand Junction--1910-1920.; Residential streets--Colorado--Grand Junction--1910-1920.
    • [between 1910 and 1920?]
    • D. & R.G. 52

    • Men pose in front of Denver and Rio Grande Railroad locomotive number "52" in Chama (Rio Arriba County), New Mexico. The men wear leather gloves and hats. Frame houses and telegraph poles are near the tracks.
    • Denver and Rio Grande Railway Company--1900-1910.; Chama (N.M.)--1900-1910.; Railroad employees--New Mexico--Chama--1900-1910.; Railroad locomotives--New Mexico--Chama--1900-1910.
    • 1907
    • Court House and St. James' Methodist Church

    • View of the intersection of Eureka Street and County Road Street in Central City, Colorado. View of the newly constructed Gilpin County Court House and St. James' Methodist Church. In the foreground is the hipped roof of a house and behind it, a...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1900-1910.
    • [1902?]
    • Bell ringer Opera House Central City, Colorado

    • Photograph of a Central City Opera House Bell Ringer. He is standing in the middle of unpaved Eureka Street with his back toward the Opera House. He is dressed completely in a black frock coat with satin lapels, black trousers, and black, leather...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1930-1940.; Bells--Colorado--Central City--1830-1940.; Opera houses--Colorado--Central City--1930-1940.; Central City Opera House.
    • 1933
    • View of Georgetown, Colorado

    • A view of Georgetown, Colorado, northeast, toward Saxon and Griffith Mountains. This section of the town is bordered by the railroad, which runs along the base of the mountains and then turns west. Light snow covers the scene. The neighborhood in...
    • Georgetown (Colo.)--1890-1900.
    • [between 1890 and 1900.]
    • Decoration Day, Montrose, Colo.

    • The Decoration Day (Memorial Day) parade in Montrose (Montrose County), Colorado, includes a drum corps in cavalry uniforms, they carry snare or bass drums. Men in uniform carry an American flag and rifles or swords. An officer is on horseback....
    • Memorial Day--Colorado--Montrose--1880-1890.; Montrose (Colo.)--1880-1890.; Parades & processions--Colorado--Montrose--1880-1890.; Soldiers--Colorado--Montrose--1880-1890.; Spectators--Colorado--Montrose--1880-1890.
    • 1888
    • First home of Mrs. Margaret Schneider, Seibert, Colo.

    • View of sod buildings identified as a sod barn and a sod house in Seibert (Kit Carson County), Colorado. Shows a fence, a haystack, a one-story barn, a house with a low-pitched roof, and a timber arch over what is identified as a water well.
    • Hawthorne, James--Homes & haunts.; Schneider, Margaret--Homes & haunts.; Seibert (Colo.)--1880-1900.; Barns--Colorado--Seibert--1880-1900.; Farmhouses--Colorado--Seibert--1880-1900.; Sod buildings--Colorado--Seibert--1880-1900.
    • [between 1889 and 1900?]
    • Main St. Grand Junction, Colo.

    • View of trolley number "2" on probably Main Street in Grand Junction (Mesa County), Colorado. Shows the round dome, finial and American flag of the Canon Block at the corner of 4th (Fourth) and Main Street. Horse-drawn wagons, buggies and people...
    • Grand Junction (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Carts & wagons--Colorado--Grand Junction--1910-1920.; City & town life--Colorado--Grand Junction--1910-1920.; Commercial streets--Colorado--Grand Junction--1910-1920.; Street railroads--Colorado--Grand...
    • 1910
    • D. & R.G. 52

    • Men pose in front of Denver and Rio Grande Railroad locomotive number "52" in Chama (Rio Arriba County), New Mexico. The men wear leather gloves and hats. Frame houses and telegraph poles are near the tracks.
    • Denver and Rio Grande Railway Company--1900-1910.; Chama (N.M.)--1900-1910.; Railroad employees--New Mexico--Chama--1900-1910.; Railroad locomotives--New Mexico--Chama--1900-1910.
    • 1907
    • Mr. and Mrs. Purdy and son Harry

    • Studio portrait of the Purdy family; Mr. and Mrs. Purdy are seated and their son Harry stands behind them. The men wear sack jackets with top buttons fastened. Mrs. Purdy wears a long dark tunic over her skirt and a long ribbon tied around her neck.
    • Gunnison (Colo.)--1870-1880.; Families--Colorado--Gunnison--1870-1880.
    • [between 1875 and 1885]
    • Central City, Colorado

    • This is the earliest known photograph of Central City, Colorado, which was probably taken in the early 1860s. The image shows a dirt road flanked by log cabins. Mine tailings scar the hillside, and a few trees remain at the top of the hill. ...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1860-1870.
    • [between 1860 and 1869]
    • Chihuahua Lake and Grizzly Peak

    • Men and women sit or stand at the summit of Gray's Peak (Clear Creek County and Summit County), Colorado. The men wear suits and hats, one looks through a hand held telescope, another points toward something in the distance. The women wear fitted...
    • Chihuahua Gulch (Colo.)--1880-1900.; Grays Peak (Colo.)--1880-1900.; Grizzly Peak (Summit County, Colo.)--1880-1900.; Lakes & ponds--Colorado--1880-1900.; Mountains--Colorado--1880-1900.; Women--Colorado--1880-1900.
    • [between 1884 and 1892]
    • Central City, Colorado

    • View of Central City, Colorado, from the southwest toward Apex. The barren hills rise above the town in the background. The Coeur d'Alene Mine is on the left of the photograph. The spires of St. James and St. Mary's are visible. In the foreground...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1930-1940.
    • 1937
    • Collbran, Colo.

    • View of frame buildings with false fronts and gabled roofs in Collbran (Mesa County), Colorado. Shows a wooden bridge probably over a creek, commercial buildings, houses, and a covered wagon on a dirt street.
    • Collbran (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Cities & towns--Colorado--Collbran--1900-1910.
    • [between 1900 and 1901]
    • Creede, Colo.

    • Wood frame buildings, canvas tents and log cabins sit in the valley below a mine shaft in lower Creede (Mineral County), Colorado. Men stand in front of a batt and board construction building. Men in a wagon sit in front of the building; one holds...
    • Creede (Colo.)--1880-1890.; Carts & wagons--Colorado--Creede--1880-1890.; People--Colorado--Creede--1880-1890.; Wooden buildings--Colorado--Creede--1880-1890.
    • [between 1885 and 1890?]
    • Main St. looking East

    • Boys wear knickers, jackets, ties and caps, and stand near a dog on Main Street in Canon City (Fremont County), Colorado. A boy holds a hoop and a stick. Brick and stone commercial buildings have flat roofs or decorative pediments with overhanging...
    • Canon City (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Boys--Colorado--Canon City--1890-1900.; Business districts--Colorado--Canon City--1890-1900.; Commercial streets--Colorado--Canon City--1890-1900.
    • 1896 April 3
    • Interior of Wapiti Mining Company's Office

    • View of the interior of the Wapiti Mining Company office in Breckenridge (Summit County), Colorado. A rocking chair with a cushion sits next to a wood stove and chimney in the center of the room. A lamp hangs over a desk in the corner, next to a...
    • Wapiti Mining Company (Breckenridge, Colo.)--1890-1900.; Breckenridge (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Interiors--Colorado--Breckenridge--1890-1900.; Mine buildings--Colorado--Breckenridge--1890-1900.; Mining--Colorado--Breckenridge--1890-1900.;...
    • 1894 Nov
    • Colorado & Southern Train at Central City, Colorado Train Depot

    • Image of Central City, Colorado, from the Central City Train Depot. In the foreground is the end of a Colorado & Southern Railroad locomotive with two visible cars attached to it. A man and a boy stand inside the train's cab. Two men wearing...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1940-1960.; Railroad stations--Colorado--Central City--1940-1960.; Colorado and Southern Railway.
    • [between 1940 and 1960]
    • West Portal, Moffat Tunnel, Berthoud Pass

    • Smoke rises from a Denver and Salt Lake Railway Company passenger train at the west portal entrance to the Moffat Tunnel near Winter Park in Grand County, Colorado. Shows frame buildings and construction rails covered by a shed. Cars are parked...
    • Denver and Salt Lake Railway Company--1920-1930.; Railroad tunnels--Colorado--Grand County--1920-1930.; Grand County (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Moffat Tunnel (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Railroads--Colorado--Grand County--1920-1930.; Tunnels--Colorado--Grand...
    • [between 1927 and 1928?]
    • Gothic, and Gothic Mt. rising 3,000 ft. above

    • Panoramic view of buildings in Gothic (Gunnison County), Colorado. Shows trees and the steep rock face of Gothic Mountain. Shows log and frame buildings and houses with windows, gabled roofs, and timber fences.
    • Gothic (Colo.)--1880-1890.; Gothic Mountain (Colo.)--1880-1890.; Cities & towns--Colorado--Gothic--1880-1890.
    • 1882
    • Georgetown basketball team

    • Studio portrait of players and coaches of the Georgetown basketball team. Players in sleeveless jerseys, with the letter "G" with wings, and padded pants stand behind three seated men. One man in a turtleneck sweater holds a basketball with "G.G."...
    • Basketball players--Colorado--Georgetown--1900-1910.
    • 1906
    • Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill, and group

    • Group portrait of frontier celebrities; (L to R) probably Eugene Overton, Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody, Texas Jack Omohundro, and probably Elisha Green. The men wear fringed buckskins and hats. Buffalo Bill has a hat with ostrich plumes. The...
    • Clothing & dress--1870-1880.; Cowboys--1870-1880.; Entertainers--1870-1880.; Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917.; Green, Elisha.; Hickok, Wild Bill, 1837-1876.; Omohundro, John Burwell, 1846-1880.; Overton, Eugene.
    • 1874?
    • Gilpin School 8th grade

    • An African-American (Black) boy and white students of the eighth grade class sit on the steps of Gilpin School at 29th (Twenty-ninth) and Stout Streets in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Teachers stand beside them. Teachers and...
    • Gilpin School (Denver, Colo.)--People--1890-1900.; African Americans--Education--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.; Denver (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Five Points (Denver, Colo.)--1890-1900.; School children--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.;...
    • 1894 Nov. 23
    • Roundup Riders on Eureka Street

    • Image of unpaved Eureka Street, the Central City Opera House, the Teller House, and the First National Bank block in mid-summer. Horses with feed bags stand along the block wearing saddles and reins. Three people watching the horses stand next to...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Business districts--Colorado--Central City--1950-1960.; Horses--Colorado--Central City--1950-1960.
    • 1951
    • Irwin (Ruby Camp) Col. Gunnison Co-1882

    • Buildings of Irwin, Gunnison County, Colorado, are on both sides of a narrow dirt road; the town includes the Presbyterian Church with steeple, picket fences, buildings under construction, and building with a sign "Windsor House." Tall evergreen...
    • Irwin (Colo.)--1880-1890.
    • 1882
    • Barclay Apartments

    • View of the Barclay Apartments at 17th (Seventeenth) and Larimer Streets in downtown Denver, Colorado. Shows a five-story Italianate style building with pediments and arched windows. Some windows have no glass. Signs read: "Hotel Clay. For Men...
    • Barclay Apartments (Denver, Colo.)--1970-1980.; Denver (Colo.)--1970-1980.; Apartment houses--Colorado--Denver--1970-1980.
    • 1970 Sep. 16


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