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    • Susan Knapp Oral History

    • Susan Lynn Knapp was born in 1949 in Denver, Colorado. Her family had lived in the Globeville and Swansea neighborhood for several decades, within a few blocks of each other, and owned several family businesses together. Her father and his...
    • Knapp, Susan, 1949-; Globeville (Denver, Colo. : Neighborhood); Elyria-Swansea (Denver, Colo. : Neighborhood)
    • 2013 November 16
    • Judy Montero Oral History

    • Judy Hinojosa Montero was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1952. After her parents divorce, her mother remarried and her step-father moved the family to Denver, Colorado in 1954. Judy attended Bryant-Webster Elementary School in Denver. The...
    • Montero, Judy Hinojosa, 1954-; Globeville (Denver, Colo. : Neighborhood); Elyria-Swansea (Denver, Colo. : Neighborhood);
    • 2013 November 20
    • Betty Wonder Oral History

    • Betty Gallow Wonder was born July 17, 1939, in Denver, Colorado. A life-long resident of the Elyria neighborhood, she was the only child of working parents. She and many extended family members grew up and remained in the area. Betty spent most...
    • Wonder, Betty Lee, 1939-; Elyria-Swansea (Denver, Colo. : Neighborhood);
    • 2013 September 21
    • Report of Henry A. Buchtel Pastor Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church Denver, Colorado

    • This is a report submitted to the Quarterly Conference at the close of Henry A. Buchtel's term as pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church. During his tenor the church raised money to build a new building at 1820 Broadway in Denver, Colo. The...
    • Buchtel, Henry Augustus, 1847-1924.; Trinity United Methodist Church (Denver, Colo.)--1890-1900.; Denver (Colo.)--1890-1900.; North Capitol Hill (Denver, Colo.)--1890-1900.; Methodist churches--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.
    • 1891 March 30
    • Dave Oletski Oral History

    • In 1954, David Oletski, was born at 4920 Logan Street in the Globeville neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. One of six children, he was raised in a large extended family of Polish Catholics. At the time of his grandmother’s death in 1978, he had...
    • Oletski, David, 1954-; Globeville (Denver, Colo. : Neighborhood); Habitat for Humanity (Denver, Colo.); Globeville Civic Association (Denver, Colo.)
    • 2013 November 2
    • Unidentified family

    • Informal group portrait of an unidentified family and their servants. The family are seated. An elderly woman wears a dress with puff sleeves and a high collar, she has a blanket or shawl over her lap. A man in a suit and has a mustache. Another...
    • Families.; Interiors--1900-1910.; Older people.; Women.
    • [between 1901 and 1910?]
    • Juan Antonio Córdova family

    • View of a commercial certificate entitled: "God Bless Our Family" and filled in by Emelia Elíz Gutierrez Córdoba. Individual photos are cut out and applied to the certificate, and handwritten entries are in a section entitled "Family Record." ...
    • Hispanic Americans--1890-1900.; Mexican Americans--1890-1900.; Families.; Family trees.; Córdova family--Pictorial works.; Hispanic American families--Colorado--Pictorial works.; Hispanic Americans--Colorado--Pictorial works.; Mexican...
    • [between 1890 and 1900?]
    • William D. Evans

    • A photo of William D. Evan. He has a mustache and wears a suit, bow tie and dress shirt. This photo is part of a complete family album that includes the families of Morgan and Evans. The photo is mounted on an album page that has a gold border and...
    • Evans, William D.; Men--1850-1900.
    • [between 1850 and 1900?]
    • Lobato family

    • Studio portrait of the Lobato Family from San Luis (Costilla County), Colorado. Shows men, women, older people, boys and girls. They are identified as: Front row, left to right: Adela and Eufelia Espinoza, Manuelita Jaramillo, María Odila,...
    • Hispanic Americans--1900-1910.; Mexican Americans--1900-1910.; Families.; Lobato family--Pictorial works.; Hispanic American families--Colorado--San Luis--Pictorial works.; Hispanic Americans--Colorado--Pictorial works.; Mexican...
    • [1908?]
    • The new baby

    • Informal portrait of the George D. McLaughlin family. George D. McLaughlin sits beside his wife and admires his new baby. He wears a suit and has a mustache. General D.M. Frost, the baby's grandfather stands behind him, he wears a suit, is balding...
    • Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1920- --Family.; Families.; Infants.; Women.; Fordyce family.; Frost family.; Hardin family.; McLaughlin family.
    • 1898
    • Sloan place and family

    • Two children, Ray and Lottie Sloan sit in a buggy behind horses in Prairie Divide (Larimer County), Colorado. A woman, Mrs. Sloan stands by the horses and her husband, Billie Sloan, sits on horseback. Shows a chinked log cabin house with a plank...
    • Larimer County (Colo.)--1880-1900.; Carriages & coaches--Colorado--Larimer County--1880-1900.; Homesteading--Colorado--Larimer County--1880-1900.; Log cabins--Colorado--Larimer County--1880-1900.; Sloan, Billie.; Sloan, Lottie.; Sloan, Ray.; Sloan...
    • [between 1882 and 1893?]
    • The Parker family at the Parker Monument unveiling

    • View of the crowd gathered for the unveiling of the Parker Monument, Post Oak Mission Cemetery, near Cache, Oklahoma, includes Native American Comanches, some of the wives and other family members of Quanah Parker, and white people.
    • Comanche Indians--Oklahoma--Cache--1920-1930.; Indians of North America--Oklahoma--Cache--1920-1930.; Cache (Okla.)--1920-1930.; Post Oak Mission Cemetery (Comanche County, Okla.)--1920-1930.; Children--Oklahoma--Cache--1920-1930.;...
    • [1926?]
    • Policarpio Córdova family

    • Group portrait of the Policarpio Córdova family from Trinidad (Las Animas County), Colorado. Front row left to right: Policarpio Córdova, Gumucinda Chacón, Isabel Córdova. Back row left to right: Rosa, Amadeo and Policarpio Córdova, Jr. ...
    • Hispanic Americans--1900-1910.; Mexican Americans--1900-1910.; Families.; Córdova, Policarpio, 1857-1924--Family--Pictorial works.; Chacón, Gumucinda, 1884-1942--Family--Pictorial works.; Córdova family--Pictorial works.; Hispanic American...
    • [between 1900 and 1910?]
    • Family portrait

    • Studio portrait of a family in Rifle (Garfield County), Colorado; a man and woman pose with teenage boys and girls.
    • Rifle (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Families--Colorado--Rifle--1920-1930.; Teenagers--Colorado--Rifle--1920-1930.
    • 1923, November 18
    • Family portrait

    • Studio portrait of a family; a man and woman pose with teenage boys, girls, and babies. Outfits include plaid, ties, and lace yokes.
    • Rifle (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Families--Colorado--Rifle--1920-1930.; Teenagers--Colorado--Rifle--1920-1930.
    • 1925, May 20
    • Family

    • Studio portrait of a family; a man and woman pose with teenage boys.
    • Families--1910-1920.; Teenagers--1910-1920.
    • [between 1910 and 1920?]
    • W.S. Jackson, Jr., family members

    • Group portrait of members of the W.S. Jackson, Jr. family. The men and women pose on and behind a sofa in an unidentified living room. Top row, left to right: Stephen Jackson, son of William S. Jackson, Jr. (1920- ), and his wife Pamela. Grandson...
    • Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1920- --Family.; Families.; Women.; Jackson family.
    • 2004
    • Betty Cram Oral History

    • Betty Johnson Cram was born September 18, 1922 on a farm near Niwot, Colorado. After high school she moved to Denver and worked several jobs. In 1941, she found work at the Livestock Exchange Group. She remained there for several years, working...
    • Cram, Betty Johnson, 1922-; Swansea (Denver, Colo. : Neighborhood); Stockyards.
    • 2013 September 14
    • Padilla family

    • Sixteen members of the Padilla family stand in front of an automobile in Fort Collins (Larimer County), Colorado. Shows men, women and children. One man wears a t-shirt that reads: "Colorado State."
    • Padilla family--1940-1950.; Mexican Americans--1940-1950.; Hispanic Americans--1940-1950.; Fort Collins (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Families.; Padilla family--Pictorial works.; Mexican Americans--Colorado--Pictorial works.; Hispanic...
    • [1940?]
    • Cheyenne Canyon, mtns. near Colorado Springs

    • Members of the William S. Jackson family pose with a boy on a bicycle on a path probably near South Cheyenne Canyon in El Paso County, Colorado. From right to left: Possibly Aunt Mamie, Edith, William (1889-1981), on the bicycle, Roland, Mary C....
    • Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1920- --Family.; El Paso County (Colo.)--1900-1910.; South Cheyenne Canyon (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Children.; Families.; Women.; Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1836-1919--Family.; Jackson family.
    • 1902
    • The women's auxiliary to Western States Baptist Convention : Colorado, Wyoming.

    • Booklet produced by the Western States Missionary Baptist Convention honoring Trail Blazers Mrs. Emma Ruth Rogers from Mount Sinai Baptist Church, and Ruby Nell Parks from the Zion Baptist Church located in Denver, Colorado.
    • Parks, Ruby Nell.; Rogers, Emma Ruth.; Western States Missionary Baptist Convention. Woman's Convention Auxiliary.; African American Baptists--West (U.S.); Zion Baptist Church (Denver, Colo.)
    • 2008 May 3
    • Gonzales family outside Casa Mayan restaurant

    • Members of the Gonzales family pose outside their restaurant and cultural center the Casa Mayan located at 1020 9th Street in the Auraria neighborhood, Denver, Colorado. They are identified left to right, on the front stoop: Ramon and Carolina...
    • Casa Mayan (Denver, Colo.)--1950-1960.; Hispanic Americans--1950-1960.; Mexican Americans--1950-1960.; Auraria (Denver, Colo.)--1950-1960.; Denver (Colo.)--1950-1960.; Families.; Restaurants.; Alcaro family--Pictorial works.; Gonzales...
    • [1958]
    • Weze's family

    • Members of Weze Hopkins' family who include her mother and her sister Anne pose outdoors probably in Denver, Colorado.
    • Denver (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Families--Colorado--Denver--1900-1910.; Girls--Colorado--Denver--1900-1910.; Women--Colorado--Denver--1900-1910.; Hopkins, Anne, Denver, Colo. resident.; Hopkins, Weze--Family.
    • [between 1900 and 1910]
    • Family checks out books at Englewood Public Library, 3345 S. Bannock St.

    • A family with their arms full of books and each wearing a heavy coat poses at the Englewood Public Library in Englewood, Colorado. They are, left to right: Mrs. James F. Taylor, Greg Taylor, Anne Taylor, James F. Taylor, and Susan Taylor. Titles on...
    • Englewood (Colo.)--1960-1970.; Children--Colorado--Englewood--1960-1970.; Families--Colorado--Englewood--1960-1970.; Libraries--Colorado--Englewood--1960-1970.
    • February 17, 1964
    • Portrait of a family

    • Studio portrait of a family, possibly the J.H. Thomason family. The man wears dark pants, a jacket, white high collar shirt, and a striped tie, he sits on an upholstered chair with a child on his lap. His wife is standing at his side; she wears a...
    • Families--1890-1900.
    • [between 1890 and 1900?]
    • William S. Jackson, Jr. wedding

    • Patricia McLaughlin Jackson, her groom, William S. Jackson, Jr. (1920- ), and members of the McLaughlin family pose for a wedding portrait in Lake Forest, Illinois. Members of the wedding party are identified from left to right as: George...
    • Lake Forest (Ill.)--1940-1950.; Brides.; Families.; Grooms (Weddings); Wedding clothing & dress.; Weddings.; Jackson, Patricia McLaughlin--Family.; Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1920- --Family.; Jackson family.
    • 1946 December 14
    • José Amarante Garcia family

    • Studio portrait of Hispanic American José Amarante García and his family. José served as sheriff and county judge in Conejos County, Colorado. Family members are identified as, front row L to R: José Victor García, Sofia García,...
    • Hispanic Americans--1900-1910.; Mexican Americans--1900-1910.; Conejos County (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Children.; Families.; Judges.; Sheriffs.; Women.; García, José Amarante--Family--Pictorial works.; García, Teodora Espinoza...
    • 1912
    • Oscar Coulter family

    • Studio portrait of a the Coulter family, man, woman, teenage boys and girls are identified as (top row, left to right): Harold, Otto, Ray, and Guy; middle row (left to right): Oscar, Teddy, and Carolyn (Mrs. Oscar Coulter); and (bottom row, left to...
    • Families--Colorado--1900-1920.; Teenagers--Colorado--1900-1920.
    • [between 1900 and 1920?]
    • "Big Alec's" wife and her garden

    • A Native American (Paiute) woman, identified as the wife of Big Alec, stands in a cultivated garden, Deep Creek, Nevada. She wears a scarf over her head, and a print blouse and skirt, and holds a garden tool. Family members stand in the background.
    • Indians of North America--Nevada--Deep Creek--1910-1920.; Paiute Indians--Women--Nevada--Deep Creek--1910-1920.; Deep Creek (Nev.)--1910-1920.; Gardening--Nevada--Deep Creek--1910-1920.; Women--Nevada--Deep Creek--1910-1920.; Big Alex--Family.
    • 1913
    • Family portrait

    • Studio portrait of a family; a man and woman pose with boys and girls.
    • Rifle (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Families--Colorado--Rifle--1920-1930.
    • Jean Rhea O'Donnel, Mrs. William S. Jackson

    • Studio portrait of Jean Rhea O'Donnel (later Mrs. William S. Jackson). She wears her hair back and a blouse with a wide, loose collar. She has on pearl earrings.
    • Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1889-1981--Family.; Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1920- --Family.; Women.; Jackson, Jean O'Donnel.; Jackson family.; McLaughlin Family.
    • ca. 1935
    • Family of Jesse W. Nelson

    • Outdoor family portrait of men and women at a 50th (Fiftieth) wedding anniversary gathering in a fenced yard in Rising Sun (Ohio County), Indiana. An elderly man and woman sit in wooden and wicker chairs. John W. Nelson wears a suit with a vest, a...
    • Nelson, Jesse W.--Family.; Nelson, Sabra--Family.; Rising Sun (Ind.)--1900-1910.; Aged persons--Indiana--Rising Sun--1900-1910.; Anniversaries--Indiana--Rising Sun--1900-1910.; Families--Indiana--Rising Sun--1900-1910.
    • 1908
    • Two women in yard

    • Photograph of two women of the Wonder family standing in the family's yard in Globeville, Colorado. Sections of this neighborhood were demolished to make way for Interstate 70.
    • Globeville (Denver, Colo.)
    • 1945
    • Group at Weze's parent's farm

    • Members of Weze Hopkins' family, with her mother and father, pose outdoors on a farm possibly in Illinois.
    • Aged persons--1900-1910.; Children--1900-1910.; Families--1900-1910.; Women--1900-1910.; Hopkins, Weze--Family.
    • [between 1900 and 1910]
    • Gonzales family outside Casa Mayan restaurant

    • Members of the Gonzales family pose on the porch of their restaurant and cultural center the Casa Mayan located at 1020 9th Street in the Auraria neighborhood, Denver, Colorado. They are identified left to right: Top row: Celia, Arnold, Marta, Ray...
    • Casa Mayan (Denver, Colo.)--1950-1960.; Hispanic Americans--1950-1960.; Mexican Americans--1950-1960.; Auraria (Denver, Colo.)--1950-1960.; Denver (Colo.)--1950-1960.; Restaurants.; Gonzales family--Pictorial works.; Casa Mayan (Denver,...
    • [1958]
    • Aunt Helen, Harry, Debbie, Nancy, Ella Doyle, Ned, Billy, and Anne

    • Members of the William S. Jackson family and friends, pose on horseback in Woodland Park (Teller County), Colorado. They are identified, left to right, as: Aunt Helen (Helen Jackson 1890-1987), Harry McWilliams, Debbie Van Stone, Nancy, Ella Doyle,...
    • Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1920- --Family.; Woodland Park (Colo.)--1930-1940.; Children.; Horseback riding.; Women.; Jackson, Helen, 1890-1987.; Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1920-; Wilhelm, Anne Fiske Jackson, 1921-;...
    • 1932
    • The Walter[s] family on a picnic

    • Picnic scene shows the Charles Orville Walter's family and Maurice and Redich Homes. Charles Orville Walters, Sr. wears an undershirt and holds a beer bottle. Jeanette Walters kneels next to Charles Orville Walters, Jr. and Virginia Walters stands...
    • Children--1920-1930.; Families--1920-1930.; Walters, Charles Orville.; Walters, Marie Elizabeth.; Homes family.; Walters family.
    • [between 1930 and 1940?]
    • McLearn family

    • Studio portrait of the McLearn family, men and women pose in suits and dresses with pleats and a sash.
    • Families--1910-1920.; McLearn family.
    • 1915, February 13
    • Holy Family Mission Catholic Church, South Fork, Colo.

    • View of Holy Family Mission located off of U.S. 160 in South Fork, Rio Grande County, Colo. Constructed in 1940, the church has a red roof, two-story bell-tower, lancet windows and an oriole window over the entry. A carved wooden sign by the...
    • Holy Family Mission (South Fork, Colo.)--2000-2010.; South Fork (Colo.)--2000-2010.; Catholic churches.; Holy Family Mission (South Fork, Colo.)--Pictorial works.; Catholic church buildings--Colorado--South Fork--Pictorial works.; South Fork...
    • 2009
    • Roberta Waggoner Oral History

    • Roberta Lee Waggoner was born at home in 1933. A native of the Swansea neighborhood in Denver, she attended old Swansea Elementary School. Her father was an employee with a local packing company. Her mother suffered from health problems and...
    • Waggoner, Roberta Lee, 1933-; Swansea (Denver, Colo. : Neighborhood);
    • 2013 October 4
    • Weze's home farm & house family home

    • View of Weze Hopkins' family's farm and house possibly in Illinois.
    • Farmhouses--1900-1910.; Farms--1900-1910.; Hopkins, Weze--Homes & haunts.
    • [between 1900 and 1910]
    • Sam Maestas Jr., home on leave

    • Group portrait of the Maestas family and friends in Ocate (Mora County), New Mexico. They pose in front of a large wooden cabin or house. Identification from left to right: Samuel Maestas, Jr., Rosie Maestas, Henry West in uniform), Ben Maestas...
    • Hispanic Americans--1940-1950.; Mexican Americans--1940-1950.; Ocate (N.M.)--1940-1950.; Families.; Maestas, Samuel--Family--Pictorial works.; West, Henry--Family--Pictorial works.; Maestas family--Pictorial works.; Families--New...
    • 1941 July 25
    • Interior of residence

    • Members of the McFadden family read near a table in their home at 615 31st (Thirty-first) Street in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.
    • Denver (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Families--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.; Interiors--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.; Reading--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.; Rooms & spaces--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.; Women--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.; McFadden family,...
    • [1899]
    • Spotted Tail's family

    • Spotted Tail's wife and family, Native American (Sioux) woman, boys, girls, and baby pose outdoors, possibly at Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota. Each person is wrapped in a blanket. The boys wear hair pipe chokers.
    • Brulé Indians--1870-1890.; Dakota Indians--1870-1890.; Indians of North America--1870-1890.; Boys--1870-1890.; Families--1870-1890.; Infants--1870-1890.; Mothers & children--1870-1890.; Spotted Tail, 1823-1881--Family.
    • [between 1875 and 1885]
    • Gardner Jackson, right , maybe Edith

    • Probably Edith Jackson and her brother Gardner Jackson pose on a lawn at their home located at 228 E. Kiowa Street in Colorado Springs (El Paso County), Colorado. Both children are dressed in costumes and wigs. Edith wears a long embroidered open...
    • Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1836-1919. --Family.; Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1920- --Family.; Colorado Springs (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Children.; Costumes.; Families.; Jackson, Edith Banfield, 1896-1977.; Jackson, Gardner,...
    • 1902
    • Cheyenne Canyon, mtns. near Colorado Springs

    • William S. Jackson (1836-1919), former vice- president of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, poses with his hands on the shoulders of his son, Gardner Jackson, on a bridge over South Cheyenne Creek in South Cheyenne Canyon near Colorado Springs in...
    • Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1920- --Family.; El Paso County (Colo.)--1900-1910.; South Cheyenne Canyon (Colo.)--1900-1910.; South Cheyenne Creek (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Bridges.; Children.; Families.; Older people.; Streams.; Jackson,...
    • 1902
    • John Nelson, Squaw man and family

    • John Y. Nelson, a member of the cast of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, stands leaning against a tree behind his Sioux wife and their five children. The group is gathered in front of a teepee in a camp for the show at Erastina in Staten Island, New...
    • Nelson, John Young, b. 1826--Family.; Wild west shows--1880-1920.; Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917.; Nelson, John Young, b. 1826.; Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.
    • [1886?]
    • Cheyenne Canyon, mtns. near Colorado Springs / w Helen

    • William S. Jackson (1836-1919), former vice-president of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, stands with probably his son Gardner, and takes a photograph of a carriage near South Cheyenne Creek in South Cheyenne Canyon near Colorado Springs in El...
    • Jackson, William S. (William Sharpless), 1920- --Family.; El Paso County (Colo.)--1900-1910.; South Cheyenne Canyon (Colo.)--1900-1910.; South Cheyenne Creek (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Carriages & coaches.; Children.; Families.; Older people.; Jackson,...
    • 1902
    • Graham Mesa Band

    • Members of the Graham (family) Mesa Brass Band pose with musical instruments in Rifle (Garfield County), Colorado. They are identified as (top row, left to right): Elmer, Albert, Claude, Isem W., Henry and Jennie and (bottom row, left to right):...
    • Graham, Isem W.--Family.; Rifle (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Bands--Colorado--Rifle--1910-1920.; Brass instruments--Colorado--Rifle--1910-1920.; Children--Colorado--Rifle--1910-1920.; Families--Colorado--Rifle--1910-1920.;...
    • 1911, October 16


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