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    • Denver Municipal Facts: Volume 2 Number 12, 1910 March 19

    • Newsletter produced by the City of Denver highlighting the civic, administrative, and informational aspects of government within the City.
    • Local government--Colorado--Denver.; Cities and towns--Colorado--Denver.
    • 19100319
    • Cosmic Ray Machine, D.U.

    • A man squats near equipment that measures cosmic radiation in a tent probably at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. The portable machine has cathode ray and metal tubes attached to a wheel like structure. Fans and tools lay near or on...
    • University of Denver--People--1940-1950.; Denver (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Measuring--Colorado--Denver--1940-1950.; Scientific equipment--Colorado--Denver--1940-1950.
    • [between 1940 and 1950]
    • Doctor and nurse in a laboratory at Denver General Hospital

    • A doctor sits on a stool and looks into a microscope at a laboratory at Denver General Hospital in Denver, Colorado. A nurse sits on a stool nearby and observes the doctor. A rack of test tubes, papers, books, and medicine bottles are on the table....
    • Denver General Hospital--People--1910-1930.; Denver (Colo.)--1910-1930.; Hospitals--Colorado--Denver--1910-1930.; Interiors--Colorado--Denver--1910-1930.; Laboratories--Colorado--Denver--1910-1930.; Nurses--Colorado--Denver--1910-1930.;...
    • [between 1910 and 1930?]
    • Kramer Mines Inc.

    • A man works in an assay office at the Kramer Mine in Salida (Chaffee County), Colorado. Test tubes and chemistry equipment sit on a counter top. The worker wears his shirt sleeves rolled up.
    • Kramer Mine (Chaffee County, Colo.)--1930-1950.; Salida (Colo.)--1930-1950.; Assayers--Colorado--Salida--1930-1950.; Assaying--Colorado--Salida--1930-1950.; Interiors--Colorado--Salida--1930-1950.; Mining--Colorado--Salida--1930-1950.
    • [between 1930 and 1950?]
    • Mine rescue team

    • A group of miners with rescue equipment pose near the mouth of a mine possibly in Las Animas County, Colorado. Many of the men hold face masks with tubes connected to respirator mechanisms strapped to their chests.
    • Coal mining--Colorado--1900-1910.; Mine rescue work--Colorado--1900-1910.
    • c 1900
    • Runner Ed Ladd & family

    • Studio portrait of a Native American Apache family, runner Ed Ladd, his wife, and two children. They wear blankets wrapped over their Euro-American dress and traditional jewelry including chokers, necklaces, and beaded hair tubes.
    • Apache Indians--1880-1890.; Indians of North America--1880-1890.; Children--1880-1890.; Clothing & dress--1880-1890.; Families--1880-1890.; Women--1880-1890.; Ladd, Ed--Family.; Ladd, Ed.
    • 1886
    • Golden, school interior

    • Interior of a classroom, South School, (Golden High School) Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado, shows chemisty students experimenting at long tables with test tubes, beakers, rubber hoses and burners; shelves along back wall are full of bottles of...
    • Golden (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Schools--Colorado--Golden--1890-1900.
    • [1897?]
    • South School

    • Interior of a Golden High School (South School) classroom in basement with stone foundation walls and floor joists, Jefferson County, Colorado, shows the physics lab with students at wooden tables with books, scales and test tubes. Young ladies and...
    • Golden (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Schools--Colorado--Golden--1890-1900.
    • [between 1897 and 1898]
    • Laboratory

    • Interior view of a laboratory at Lutheran Hospital at West 38th (Thirty-eighth) Avenue and Brentwood Street, Wheat Ridge (Jefferson County), Colorado. Bottles of solution and medical equipment are arranged on shelves. Tubes hang down into two sinks.
    • Lutheran Hospital (Wheat Ridge, Colo.)--Facilities--1920-1930.; Wheat Ridge (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Hospitals--Colorado--Wheat Ridge--1920-1930.; Interiors--Colorado--Wheat Ridge--1920-1930.; Laboratories--Colorado--Wheat Ridge--1920-1930.; Medical...
    • 1925 July 31
    • Radio scene, Sterling High School Sterling, Colo.

    • Two boys, students at Sterling High School, work with a radio in Sterling, Colorado in Logan County. One boy wears earphones and twists the knobs of the radio on the table in front of him. The second boy operates a transmitter. Five books are...
    • Sterling (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Children & radio--Colorado--Sterling--1940-1950.; Radios--Colorado--Sterling--1940-1950.; Students--Colorado--Sterling--1940-1950.
    • [1941]
    • Bailey, Colorado

    • A two story, wood-frame building with a hipped roof, gablets, large, store windows, and screen doors is "McGraws Groceries and Meats, Dry Goods, Shoes, Stationery, Hardware, Tires & Tubes, Hay & Grain," a convenience store. Steps at the side of the...
    • Bailey (Colo.)--1930-1940.; General stores--Colorado--Bailey--1930-1940.
    • 1933
    • Hotel on Curtis Street

    • View of a hotel building at 19th (Nineteenth) Curtis Streets in Denver, Colorado. Automobiles, pedestrians, and a truck are nearby. Signs read: "Martin Sign Co.," "Batteries Tires and Tubes," "Laundry," "Grocery & Bakery," "Drink Budweiser,"...
    • Denver (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Commercial streets--Colorado--Denver--1920-1930.; Hotels--Colorado--Denver--1920-1930.
    • [between 1920 and 1930?]
    • East High spotlight: vol 2 no 1

    • Newspaper produced by East High School of Denver, Colorado. Included in the paper are photographs of students, articles on school events and sports.
    • East High School (Denver, Colo.)--Students--Writings.; East High School (Denver, Colo.)--Periodicals.; High schools--Colorado--Denver--Periodicals.; Public schools--Colorado--Denver.; High schools--Colorado--Denver.; East High School (Denver, Colo.)
    • 1925 April 15
    • Colorado, Cedaredge, street scenes, Main St.

    • View along a main Street in Cedaredge, Surface Creek Valley, Delta County, Colorado, includes: brick commercial buildings, wood frame false fronts and gabled businesses, and automobiles parked on the dirt street. The two-story First National Bank...
    • Cedaredge (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Streets--Colorado--Cedaredge--1920-1930.
    • [between 1920 and 1930]
    • Great Western Sugar Co. Fort Collins

    • Interior view of the Great Western Sugar Plant in Fort Collins (Larimer County), Colorado; men and women pose by tanks and test tubes.
    • Great Western Sugar Company--Facilities--1890-1910.; Fort Collins (Colo.)--1890-1910.; Industrial facilities--Colorado--Fort Collins--1890-1910.; Interiors--Colorado--Ouray--1890-1910.; People--Colorado--Fort Collins--1890-1910.; Sugar...
    • [between 1890 and 1810?]
    • Medicine lab interior

    • Interior view of possibly a pharmacy lab probably in Denver, Colorado. Test tubes, beakers, and bottles are on the counter and shelves.
    • Denver (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Interiors--Colorado--Denver--1890-1910.; Laboratories--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.
    • [either 1896 or 1897]
    • Sarah Theater, Main Street, Canon City

    • Brick and stone two-story commercial buildings, including the Bengley Building, Street in Canon City, Colorado. Signs read: "[L]owell OverlCo." "Esser Tire Service Co." "Service Station Goodyear Tires Tubes Accessories, Solid Truck Tires,...
    • Canon City (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Streets--Colorado--Canon City--1900-1910.; Theaters--Colorado--Canon City--1900-1910.
    • [between 1900 and 1910?]
    • Bike shop "Fisk Quality"

    • Interior view of a bicycle store and repair shop in Denver, Colorado; shows a man posing, bicycles, tires, inner tubes, head lamps, a stove, and signs: "Fisk Quality $4.00 anti-cactus guaranteed for $3.45."
    • Denver (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Bicycle shops--Colorado--Denver--1910-1920.; Interiors--Colorado--Denver--1910-1920.; Stores & shops--Colorado--Denver--1910-1920.
    • [between 1910 and 1915?]
    • Denver from the Union Depot, up 17th St.

    • View looking southeast on 17th (Seventeenth) Street from Union Station, Denver, Colorado. Buildings: Arapahoe County Courthouse, First Congregational church, Arapahoe School, Tabor Opera House, St. John's Church in the Wilderness (Episcopal)....
    • Denver (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Business districts--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.; Streets--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.
    • [between 1890 and 1892]
    • P.B.X. exchange - old switchboard - Denver Tramway Co.

    • Interior view of a Colorado Telephone Company switchboard in the Denver Tramway Company building in Denver, Colorado. Men work at panels with gauges, microphones, speakers, vacuum tubes, and a clock.
    • Colorado Telephone Company--Equipment & supplies--1890-1900.; Denver Tramway Company (Denver, Colo.)--Facilities--1890-1900.; Denver (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Interiors--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.; Telephone operators--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.;...
    • 1898
    • Longmont, Colo.

    • View of the two-story brick public school, Longmont, Colorado, shows small children beside a small wood lean-to basement entry. The school features an F-shape plan with gabled projecting wings flanking the simple columned entry and two long metal...
    • Longmont (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Children--Colorado--Longmont--1920-1930.; Schools--Colorado--Longmont--1920-1930.
    • November 30, 1926
    • Unidentified Jicarilla Apache groups

    • Studio portrait of a Native American Apache family in front of a painted backdrop. The man wears leggings, moccasins, print shirt, vest, beaded tubes and holds a shield and bow case, the woman holds a bow and quiver, a young girl wears print dress,...
    • Indians of North America--1880-1890.; Jicarilla Indians--1880-1890.; Quivers--1880-1890.; Clothing & dress--1880-1890.; Families--1880-1890.; Girls--1880-1890.; Shields--1880-1890.; Women--1880-1890.
    • [between 1880 and 1890?]
    • Second hand store, Springer

    • Interior view of a second hand store in Springer (Colfax County), New Mexico. Two men stand near show cases. Shows used furniture, a stove, inner tubes, shelves full of merchandise, a cluttered tabletop and a large desk.
    • Furniture--New Mexico--Springer--1910-1930.; Second hand trade--New Mexico--Springer--1910-1930.; Springer (N.M.)--1910-1930.; Interiors--New Mexico--Springer--1910-1930.; Stores & shops--New Mexico--Springer--1910-1930.; Thrift shops--New...
    • Office in the bath house which burned in Jan. 1940

    • Interior of front office in bath house, Hot Sulphur Springs, Grand County, Colorado, shows a rustic board trim room, a counter with glass display cases on top, flower vases, a caged area with stacks of towels and inner tubes; a sign reads: "Prices:...
    • Hot Sulphur Springs (Colo.)--1920-1940.; Bathhouses--Colorado--Hot Sulphur Springs--1920-1940.; Interiors.
    • [between 1920 and 1940]
    • Granby, Colorado

    • View along Agate Avenue (Highway 40), in Granby, Grand County, Colorado, shows wood false front businesses along the wide muddy street. Signs read: "Granby Head Lettuce Growers Association," "Head Lettuce Colony," "Granby Cafe Co.," "Cafe, Ice Cold...
    • Granby (Colo.)--1910-1930.; Business districts--Colorado--Granby--1910-1930.
    • [between 1915 and 1930]
    • Store Interior, Georgetown, Colorado

    • Interior view of a store, possibly Mrs. Woods' Bookstore, in Georgetown, Colorado, with showcases and shelves. Scene includes photographs framed and in easels, baby carriages, a sewing machine, hanging pictures, book shelves, a cabinet with silver...
    • Georgetown (Colo.)--1890-1910.; Bookstores--Colorado--Georgetown--1890-1910.; Interiors.; Stores & shops--Colorado--Georgetown--1890-1910.
    • 1890
    • [Forty-sixth] 46th Avenue

    • View of Gibbs Tire and Battery Company at 4589 Washington Street in the Globeville neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. An automobile and a truck make their way through the intersection of Washington Street and 46th Avenue. Signs on the building read:...
    • Gibbs Tire and Battery Company (Denver, Colo.)--1950-1960.; Denver (Colo.)--1950-1960.; Globeville (Denver, Colo.)--1950-1960.; Automobiles--Colorado--Denver--1950-1960.; Streets--Colorado--Denver--1950-1960.; Tire...
    • 1953
    • Hardware store

    • Interior view of a hardware store probably in Denver, Colorado. Displays of fishing equipment, seeds, and hand tools are in the store. Signs read: "Yale," "Radios Repaired R C A Tubes," "Barteldes Seeds," and "Navajo Tackle Trading Post."
    • Denver (Colo.)--1930-1940.; Hardware stores--Colorado--Denver--1930-1940.; Interiors--Colorado--Denver--1930-1940.; Merchandise displays--Colorado--Denver--1930-1940.
    • [between 1930 and 1940?]
    • Dairy milking stalls at Brookridge Farm

    • View of milking stalls at the Brookridge Farm in Littleton (Arapahoe County), Colorado. Stalls line the wall of a large room. Scales, tubes, and milking equipment are mounted near each stall. Tile covers the surface of the floor and parts of the...
    • Brookridge Farm (Littleton, Colo.)--Facilities--1940-1950.; Milking machines--Colorado--Littleton--1940-1950.; Littleton (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Agricultural facilities--Colorado--Littleton--1940-1950.; Barns--Colorado--Littleton--1940-1950.;...
    • [between 1940 and 1950?]
    • Activity machine shop

    • Knitting machines at the State Penitentiary, in Canon City, Colorado, have spools of thread held above circular armatures. An inmate in pinstriped overalls operates a lever connected to a pulley and belt arrangement; tubes of white fabric fall into...
    • Canon City (Colo.)--1930-1940.; Interiors.; Machine shops--Colorado--Canon City--1930-1940.; Prison laborers--Colorado--Canon City--1930-1940.; Prisons--Colorado--Canon City--1930-1940.; Colorado State Penitentiary.
    • 1937
    • Dairy, milking stalls at Brookridge Farm

    • View of milking stalls at the Brookridge Dairy Farm in Littleton (Arapahoe County), Colorado. Tiles cover the floor and walls. Milking machines, scales, tubes, glass bottles, and paper towel dispensers hang near each stall.
    • Brookridge Farm (Littleton, Colo.)--Facilities--1940-1950.; Milking machines--Colorado--Littleton--1940-1950.; Littleton (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Agricultural facilities--Colorado--Littleton--1940-1950.; Barns--Colorado--Littleton--1940-1950.;...
    • [between 1940 and 1950?]
    • Denver, Colorado South Broadway

    • View of Harris Auto & Parts Company junkyard at 1654 South Broadway in the Overland neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. A tow truck is parked near the yard. Signs on the fence and building read: "Harris New & used Auto Parts Mot[or]s Tires Tubes."
    • Harris Auto & Parts Company (Denver, Colo.)--1940-1950.; Denver (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Overland (Denver Colo.)--1940-1950.; Junkyards--Colorado--Denver--1940-1950.; Streets--Colorado--Denver--1940-1950.
    • 1940 January
    • Jicarilla woman, boy and men

    • View of an unidentified Native American Jicarilla Apache woman, boy and men seated inside a tepee with pipes; dress includes beaded hair tubes and leggings, chokers, and necklaces.
    • Indians of North America--1890-1900.; Jicarilla Indians--1890-1900.; Boys--1890-1900.; Interiors--1890-1900.; Tipis--1890-1900.; Women--1890-1900.
    • 1898
    • Gates half-sole tires

    • Window display at a Gates Rubber Company Service Department in Denver, Colorado. Shows tires on spoked wheels with boxes of tubes, sign reads: "Gates Half-Sole Tires, Guaranteed Puncture Proof."
    • Gates Rubber Company--1910-1930--Products.; Denver (Colo.)--1910-1930.; Merchandise displays--Colorado--Denver--1910-1930.; Tire industry--Colorado--Denver--1910-1930.
    • [between 1910 and 1930?]
    • Colorado Iron Works

    • View of the Colorado Iron Works shops on 33rd (Thirty-third) and Wynkoop Streets in Denver, Colorado. Metal tubes are outside the buildings that read: "Mining Machinery" and "Car Wheels & Gagings". Union Pacific Railway Company (UP) tracks are...
    • Denver (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Buildings--Colorado--Denver--1890-1900.
    • [between 1890 and 1900]
    • Assay outfit, Buckeye Cabin

    • A boy and a dog sit beside Buckeye Cabin in the La Sal Mountains, Utah. A sign reads, "Assay Office Buckeye Cabin." On a table are reagent bottles which read, "Acid Nitric HNO₃," "Ammonium Hydroxide NH₄OH," and "Acid Hydrochloric HCL." Also on the...
    • Assaying apparatus--Utah--1890-1900.; La Sal Mountains (Utah)--1890-1900.; Boys--Utah--1890-1900.; Equipment--Utah--1890-1900.; Log cabins--Utah--1890-1900.
    • 1897 Aug. 24
    • Seventh Ave. Garage with two model-A Fords owned by the Gold Seal Delivery

    • View of Gold Seal Delivery Inc. panel trucks parked in front of the 7th (Seventh) Avenue Garage in Denver, Colorado. Business signs on building read: "Repairing, Tires And Tubes, Drive In, Gas & Oil."
    • Denver (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Automobile service stations--Colorado--Denver--1920-1930.; Trucks--Colorado--Denver--1920-1930.
    • [1925?]
    • Queen bee.

    • Denver (Colo.)--Newspapers.
    • 1882-
    • Vash Gon - Jicarilla

    • Profile portrait of Vash Gon, a Native American (Jicarilla Apache) man with braids in probably beaded hair tubes, earrings, and a scarf tied around his neck.
    • Apache Indians--1900-1910.; Indians of North America--1900-1910.; Jicarilla Indians--1900-1910.; Braids (Hairdressing)--1900-1910.; Earrings--1900-1910.; Hair ornaments--1900-1910.; Men--1900-1910.; Vash Gon.
    • East Denver High School Annual: 1909

    • 1909 Yearbook from East Denver High School.
    • East High School (Denver, Colo.)--Students--Yearbooks.; Denver Public Schools--Students--Yearbooks.; School yearbooks--Colorado--Denver.
    • 1909
    • Union men in front of city hall

    • A crowd of union members of the Denver Tramway Company gather in front of Denver City Hall at 14th (Fourteenth) Street in Denver, Colorado. Shows automobiles and local businesses. Signs read: "Second Hand Tires & Tubes 1362" and "Vulcanizing...
    • Denver Tramway Company (Denver, Colo.)--Strikes--1920-1930.; Denver (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Crowds--Colorado--Denver--1920-1930.; Labor unions--Colorado--Denver--1920-1930.; Street railroad strikes--Colorado--Denver--1920-1930.
    • August 1920
    • "Boss Rubber Co." tire station with News-Times press car during one of Pike's Peak early...

    • A Packard Twin Six, used as the Rocky Mountain News press automobile, is stopped at the tire station on the Pikes Peak Highway, Colorado Springs, Colorado. A man stands next to a tire display. A sign tied to a tent reads: "Boss Rubber Co. Tire...
    • Rocky Mountain News--1910-1920.; Colorado Springs (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Packard automobile--Colorado--Colorado Springs--1910-1920.; Tire industry--Colorado--Colorado Springs--1910-1920.
    • [between 1915 and 1920?]
    • East High spotlight: vol 24 no 5

    • Christmas edition of the newspaper produced by East High School of Denver, Colorado. Included in the paper are photographs of students, articles on school events and sports.
    • East High School (Denver, Colo.)--Students--Writings.; East High School (Denver, Colo.)--Periodicals.; High schools--Colorado--Denver--Periodicals.; Public schools--Colorado--Denver.; High schools--Colorado--Denver.; East High School (Denver, Colo.)
    • 1942 December 10
    • Park Hill Topics Volume 4 No. 14

    • A weekly newspaper distributed to the residents of the Park Hill neighborhood. This contains articles about neighborhood events, news, and gossip. As well as advertisements for local businesses.
    • Community newspapers--Colorado--Denver.
    • 1936 April 3
    • Buckeye Cabin, La Sal Mt's. Utah

    • A boy sits in front of Buckeye Cabin in the La Sal Mountains, Utah. A sign reads, "Assay Office Buckeye Cabin." On a table are reagent bottles, a box of assay weights, a beaker, test tubes, glass-stoppered acid bottles, evaporating dishes, and a...
    • Assaying apparatus--Utah--1890-1900.; La Sal Mountains (Utah)--1890-1900.; Boys--Utah--1890-1900.; Equipment--Utah--1890-1900.; Log Cabins--Utah--1890-1900.
    • 1897 Aug. 24


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