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    • Farming and ranching

    • Cowboys gather around a campfire at night with their grub wagon or chuck box, possibly near Sterling, Colorado. Smoke rises from their campfire; pots, kettles and an ax are scattered around them. Some of the men drink from tin cups.
    • Sterling (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Campfires--Colorado--Sterling--1900-1910.; Cowboys--Colorado--Sterling--1900-1910.; Night--Colorado--Sterling--1900-1910.
    • Pilgrims on the Plains

    • View of covered wagons stopped for the night, they are parked in a circle. Men, women, a baby, and children sit or stand near a campfire. Cooking pots hang over a campfire and a dog chases horses. Another circle of wagons and bluffs are in the...
    • Camping--1860-1870.; Covered wagons--1860-1870.; Pioneers--1860-1870.; Wagon trains--1860-1870.; Westward movement--1860-1870.
    • A cowboy camp

    • Cowboy camp somewhere in Colorado; man standing by campfire with numerous cooking pots hanging over it and dutch ovens nearby; canvas tents, wagon and saddled horses in background; larger group of men standing around another campfire, center...
    • Campfires--Colorado--1900-1920.; Camping--Colorado--1900-1920.; Cowboys--Colorado--1900-1920.; Horses--Colorado--1900-1920.
    • [between 1900 and 1920]
    • Municipal Facts: Volume 6 Numbers 6 and 7, 1923 June-July

    • Newsletter produced monthly by the City of Denver highlighting the civic, administrative, and informational aspects of government within the City.
    • Local government--Colorado--Denver.; Cities and towns--Colorado--Denver.
    • 19230600
    • Evening campfire

    • Members of the Roundup Riders of the Rockies sit around a large campfire in Colorado. Most of the men sit in canvas folding chairs. Many of the men wear western attire and some wear woven ponchos. Tents, beds, and loud speakers are behind the men.
    • Roundup Riders of the Rockies (Colo.)--People--1950-1960.; Campfire programs--Colorado--1950-1960.; Campfires--Colorado--1950-1960.; Camping--Colorado--1950-1960.; Organizations--Colorado--1950-1960.
    • 1954 July
    • Campfire at night

    • Men and a women relax near a camp fire at night in Colorado. The people wear boots, a few of the men wear cowboy hats. The light of the campfire illuminates the pine forest.
    • Campfires--Colorado--1910-1920.; Camping--Colorado--1910-1920.; Lighting--Colorado--1910-1920.; Night--Colorado--1910-1920.; Women--Colorado--1910-1920.
    • [between 1910 and 1920?]
    • Campfire scene, night, Daniels Park

    • A man and three women pose near a tent in front of a campfire in Daniels Park in Douglas County, Colorado. They wear dark shirts and pants and hiking boots. Two of the women sit near each other and smile.
    • Daniels Park (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Douglas County (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Campfires--Colorado--Douglas County--1920-1930.; Camping--Colorado--Douglas County--1920-1930.; Tents--Colorado--Douglas County--1920-1930.; Women--Colorado--Douglas...
    • 1920 Aug
    • Navajo youngsters at a campfire

    • Night view of Navajo boys and girls and Ataloa, a Native American Chickasaw artist and folklorist sitting at a campfire, Santa Fe Indian School, New Mexico. The boys wear headbands; one plays a drum. The girls wear fiesta dresses and Ataloa wears...
    • Institute of American Indian Arts--1950-1960.; Santa Fe Indian School--1950-1960.; Chickasaw Indians--Women--New Mexico--Santa Fe--1950-1960.; Indians of North America--New Mexico--Santa Fe--1950-1960.; Navajo Indians--Women--New Mexico--Santa...
    • [between 1950 and 1960?]
    • Sitting Bull addressing his followers

    • Native Americans (Sioux) gather in a circle around a campfire listening to their famous leader, Sitting Bull.
    • Dakota Indians--1880-1900.; Indians of North America--1880-1900.; Meetings--1880-1900.; Sitting Bull, 1834?-1890.
    • [between 1880 and 1900?]
    • Engineers Camp, M.P.G. & D.R.R., Head of the Tomichi

    • View of a work camp for the Marshall Pass, Gunnison and Dolores Railroad on Tomichi Pass in Gunnison County, Colorado. Men pose near a tent, one man cooks food over a campfire. Felled timber is in the distance.
    • Marshall Pass, Gunnison and Dolores Railroad Company--People--1870-1880.; Gunnison County (Colo.)--1870-1880.; Tomichi Pass (Colo.)--1870-1880.; Railroad employees--Colorado--Gunnison County--1870-1880.; Tents--Colorado--Gunnison...
    • [between 1879 and 1880?]
    • Military life

    • Cavalry soldiers take a break from performing their maneuvers near a camp at the base of a hill, possibly in Colorado. Pine trees stand on the hill in the right midground and in the distance. Several tents are set up in the left background. A house...
    • Military camps--United States--Colorado--1900-1920.; Military maneuvers--Colorado--1900-1920.; Soldiers--Colorado--1900-1920.; Tents--Colorado--1900-1920.
    • [between 1900 and 1915?]
    • Mose Vanderburg and wife

    • Mose Vanderburg, a Native American man on the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana, sits on the ground in front of a teepee playing a drum. His wife sits near him and a young man, possibly Pete Vanderburg, stands in the entrance to the...
    • Indians of North America--Clothing & dress--Montana--1900-1910.; Salish Indians--1900-1910.; Flathead Indian Reservation (Mont.)--1900-1910.; Vanderburg, Mose.
    • [between 1905 and 1907?]
    • Camp and wagon

    • Men and women sit and stand near a tent and a covered wagon in a stand of pine trees. The women wear long dresses and aprons. The bearded men wear coats and slacks. Camping utensils, elk antlers, a rifle, a wooden chest, and fishing gear are...
    • Campfires--1880-1900.; Camping--1880-1900.; Tents--1880-1900.
    • Buffalo Bill's mascot [art original].

    • Buffalo Bill is awakened at his campfire by four armed men.
    • Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917--Pictorial works.; Dime novels--Illustrations.; Painting, American.; Cowboys--Pictorial works.; Cowboys in art.; Watercolors (Paintings)
    • 1914
    • Camp in the Hoback Mts.

    • Horses stand near smoke that rises from a campfire possibly in Hoback Canyon in Teton County or Sublette County, Wyoming. Shows mountains identified as the Hoback Mountains.
    • Camping--Wyoming--1890-1900.
    • 1892
    • Ride camp, Eldora area

    • View of the Roundup Riders of the Rockies ride camp near Eldora (Boulder County), Colorado. Tents, a canvas windbreak, automobiles, and a truck are near wooden buildings and houses. Canvas chairs are set up at the campsite beside smoke from a...
    • Roundup Riders of the Rockies (Colo.)--People--1940-1950.; Trail riding--Colorado--1940-1950.; Boulder County (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Camping--Colorado--Boulder County--1940-1950.; Houses--Colorado--Boulder County--1940-1950.;...
    • 1949 July
    • A toast to Colorado sunshine

    • Four women and a man pose near a tent on Berthoud Pass in Clear Creek County, Colorado. The women toast with cups, they wear jodhpurs, blazers or cardigans, ties and hiking boots or shoes. A man sits on a log and holds an Airedale Terrier. A...
    • Berthoud Pass (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Clear Creek County (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Camping--Colorado--Clear Creek County--1920-1930.; Tents--Colorado--Clear Creek County--1920-1930.; Toasting--Colorado--Clear Creek County--1920-1930.;...
    • [between 1920 and 1930]
    • Texas Cowboys, in camp

    • Texas Rangers sit or stand and pose near horses and a campfire in a meadow in Texas. Men wear shirts and vests or ties, cowboy hats and cowboy boots. Saddled horses are nearby, and people on horseback are in the distance.
    • Texas Rangers--People--1890-1900.; Horses--Texas--1890-1900.; Law enforcement officers--Texas--1890-1900.
    • [between 1890 and 1900?]
    • A Song of the woodland

    • A man and a boy sit near a campfire in a heavily wooded area possibly on St. Vrain Mountain in Boulder County, Colorado. A wooden pole suspends a cast iron pot over the fire and a frying pan hangs off to the side. Firelight illuminates a tepee...
    • Boulder County (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Camping--Colorado--Boulder County--1920-1930.; Night--Colorado--Boulder County--1920-1930.; Tipis--Colorado--Boulder County--1920-1930.
    • [between 1920 and 1930?]
    • Ebert School student presentation on report cards

    • Photograph of a student presentation at Ebert Elementary School in Denver, Colorado. A faculty member and a male student sit at the table on the left side of the stage. Behind them is a large reproduction of an open report card. A female student...
    • Ebert School (Denver, Colo.); Five Points (Denver, Colo. : Neighborhood); Schools--Colorado--Denver.; Denver Public Schools--Archives.; Public schools--Colorado--Denver.
    • circa 1928
    • Happy campers

    • View of a campsite along a stream and stone roadbase, somewhere in the Colorado Rockies, shows ladies in jackets, ties, kneepants, and boots raising a toast, a man playing with a dog, a canvas tent, cooking utensils, campfire, and a thermos; pines...
    • Colorado--1920-1930.; Campfires--Colorado--1920-1930.; Camping--Colorado--1920-1930.; Streams--Colorado--1920-1930.; Tents--Colorado--1920-1930.; Women--Colorado--1920-1930.
    • [between 1920 and 1930?]
    • The Des Moines rapids canal, the guard lock above the rapids

    • Upper wood block is a view of a boat lock, cranes, spectators, and houses at the Des Moines Rapids Canal on the Mississippi River at a landing named Nashville near Keokuk (Lee County), Iowa. Lower wood block is a view of covered wagons, people, a...
    • Dump Mountain (Colo.)--1870-1880.; Huerfano County (Colo.)--1870-1880.; Lee County (Iowa)--1870-1880.; Mississippi River--1870-1880.; Veta Pass (Colo.)--1870-1880.; Covered wagons--Colorado--Huerfano County--1870-1880.; Locks (Hydraulic...
    • Camp scene, man cooking

    • Two couples pose at a campsite in Colorado. A man prepares food over a campfire. Another man and two women sit or stand under an open sided canvas tent suspended by ropes attached to trees. The women hold cooking utensils.
    • Camping--Colorado--1920-1930.; Couples--Colorado--1920-1930.; Outdoor cookery--Colorado--1920-1930.; Tents--Colorado--1920-1930.
    • [between 1920 and 1930?]
    • Grand Lake

    • View of Harry and Katherine Buckwalter making a campfire near Grand Lake (Grand County), Colorado; also shows a bucket and a coffee pot.
    • Grand County (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Grand Lake (Colo. : Lake)--1920-1930.; Campfires--Colorado--Grand County--1920-1930.; Camping--Colorado--Grand County--1920-1930.; Outdoor cookery--Colorado--Grand County--1920-1930.; Buckwalter, Harry H.;...
    • 1920
    • Recreation camping

    • Members of possibly Coxey's Army sit and stand near a campfire at a camp in Colorado. They wear jackets and wide-brimmed hats.
    • Campfires--Colorado--1890-1900.; Camping--Colorado--1890-1900.; Coxey's Army.
    • [1894?]
    • Lake Junior High School

    • A photograph of five students sitting around a campfire. A boy is playing the guitar. The girl wearing a cowboy hat is holding a book that has cowboys in the title; another girl is holding a song book. Behind the group of students is a drawling...
    • Lake Junior High School (Denver, Colo.); Schools--Colorado--Denver.; Denver Public Schools--Archives.; Public schools--Colorado--Denver.; Children playing musical instruments.
    • undated
    • Group of prospectors

    • A group of prospectors and their burro pose around a campfire and tent on the floor of a steep walled valley.
    • Campfires--1880-1890.; Donkeys--1880-1890.; Miners--1880-1890.; Mining--1880-1890.; Tents--1880-1890.
    • 1881?
    • Cutting wood - Mary Walk in Water (Chinis Nickomi)

    • Mary Walk in Water (also known as Mary Inhoosta Woodcock), a Native American woman on the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana, chops a log with an ax in front of a teepee. Pots cook over a campfire; a mixing bowl is in the left...
    • Salish Indians--1900-1910.; Flathead Indian Reservation (Mont.)--1900-1910.; Indians of North America--Clothing & dress--Montana--1900-1910.; Indians of North America--Women--Montana--1900-1910.; Tipis--Montana--1900-1910.; Mary Walk in Water,...
    • [between 1905 and 1907?]
    • Mining life in California

    • Chinese miners, some in coolie hats sit or stand near tents, or mine near a lake, in an unidentified mining camp in California. One man shaves a miners head, another braids a mans queue. Two miners cook over an open campfire near their tent. A...
    • Chinese--California--1850-1860.; Dance parties--California--1850-1860.; Hairdressing--California--1850-1860.; Miners--California--1850-1860.; Mining camps--California--1850-1860.; Outdoor cookery--California--1850-1860.
    • 1857 October 3
    • An Indian council

    • A Native American man stands in front of a campfire, he speaks to men and women, some smoking pipes, who sit in a circle around him.
    • Indians of North America--1880-1910.; Meetings--1880-1910.
    • [between 1880 and 1910?]
    • Bolsinger camp

    • Three men and a boy stand and sit in front of their tent at the Bolsinger Camp in Colorado. They cook food over a campfire. Shows cooking utensils, a bucket, and a wood table.
    • Boys--Colorado--1890-1910.; Outdoor cookery--Colorado--1890-1910.; Tents--Colorado--1890-1910.
    • [between 1899 and 1910?]
    • At the head of Turkey Creek

    • Men prepare food and eat and drink beside a campfire near Turkey Creek in Jefferson County, Colorado. The men are dressed in outdoor clothing with hats and hiking boots. A pine forest is in the distance.
    • Jefferson County (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Eating & drinking--Colorado--Jefferson County--1910-1920.; Outdoor cookery--Colorado--Jefferson County--1910-1920.
    • [between 1910 and 1920?]
    • Indians, Pueblo, biog (men, unident)

    • Two unidentified Native American Pueblo men stand over a campfire; women, a covered wagon and structures are behind them.
    • Indians of North America--1890-1910.; Pueblo Indians--Women--1890-1910.
    • [between 1890 and 1910]
    • The camp near the Tetons

    • Cowboys stand and sit in a camp near the Teton Range in Wyoming. Shows a campfire, cooking equipment, and preparations for a meal. Trout hang from the branches of a fireside smoker; horses stand saddled with gear. A man pours coffee in his cup, and...
    • Camping--Wyoming--1870-1890.; Cowboys--Wyoming--1870-1890.; Horses--Wyoming--1870-1890.; Meadows--Wyoming--1870-1890.; Outdoor cookery--Wyoming--1870-1890.
    • [between 1870 and 1890?]
    • Indians, Pueblo, biog (men, unident)

    • Two unidentified Native American Pueblo men stand smiling and showing food over a campfire; women and children sit on ground.
    • Indians of North America--Women--1890-1910.; Pueblo Indians--Children--1890-1910.
    • [between 1890 and 1910]
    • Road construction camp, Medicine Bow

    • View of a construction camp shows tents near a campfire with picnic tables in a forested area of the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming. Men relax in work clothes around the campsite. A foot path is seen along the perimeter of the camp area.
    • Medicine Bow National Forest (Wyo.)--1930-1940.; Tents--Wyoming--1930-1940.; Work camps--Wyoming--1930-1940.
    • Fort Logan World War I

    • Four soldiers display fresh baked loaves of bread in front of the camp bakery, Fort Logan, Colorado. A campfire ring stacked high with rocks is outside the bakers tent.
    • World War, 1914-1918--Military life--Colorado--Fort Logan.; Bread--Colorado--Fort Logan--1910-1920.; Soldiers--Colorado--Fort Logan--1910-1920.; United States. Army. Infantry Division, 1st.; Fort Logan (Colo.)--1910-1920.
    • [1917]
    • E Bar 7 Ranch cater meals Teddy Schaffer, Roy Miller, Jack Stromberg, Hal Dahl, Sr, Tim Tyler

    • Men identified left to right as Teddy Schaffer, Roy Miller, Jack Stromberg, and Hal Dahl, Sr., members of the Roundup Riders of the Rockies, pose near a chuck wagon. Two of the men hold trays with food, one holds a cup of coffee. Lettering on the...
    • Roundup Riders of the Rockies (Colo.)--People--1940-1950.; Trail riding--Colorado--1940-1950.; Chuckwagons--Colorado--1940-1950.; Eating & drinking--Colorado--1940-1950.; Organizations--Colorado--1940-1950.
    • 1949 July
    • Navajo camp fire

    • Native American (Navajo) women sit near a large campfire at night on Tovar Mesa (Navajo County), Arizona. A man and other women sit under trees nearby. Shows two hogans with a basket and pottery jar at the doorway. The women wear squash blossom...
    • Hogans--Arizona--Navajo County--1900-1910.; Indians of North America--Structures--Arizona--Navajo County--1900-1910.; Navajo Indians--Structures--Arizona--Navajo County--1900-1910.; Navajo County (Ariz.)--1900-1910.; Tovar Mesa (Ariz.)--1900-1910.;...
    • [between 1900 and 1905?]
    • Mesa Verde, excavations

    • Jesse Nusbaum, far right, stands with his excavation team, including his stepson Deric, third from left, at their camp above Step House in Mesa Verde National Park. Standing at Deric's left is the park's future superintendent Marshall Finnan. Four...
    • Mesa Verde National Park (Colo.)--1920-1930.; Archaeological sites--Colorado--1920-1930.; Camps--Colorado--1920-1930.; Finnan, Marshall.; Nusbaum, Deric.; Nusbaum, Jesse L. (Jesse Logan)
    • [1926?]
    • A Cheyenne camp

    • A Native American (Cheyenne) woman carries a rolled blanket in camp. She wears a long dress and a belt with conchas. Tepees, a saddle, a skull, a campfire, and a wagon are nearby.
    • Cheyenne Indians--1880-1890.; Indians of North America--1880-1890.; Women--1880-1890.
    • August, 1889
    • Lunch break along the trail Chappie Young, Ken MacKaig, Hugh Griffin, Joe Dekker.

    • , Hugh Griffin, and Joe Dekker, members of the Roundup Riders of the Rockies, rest during a lunch break on a trail ride in Colorado. Chappie (Chapman) Young (in a hat), and Ken MacKaig lie in the grass and Hugh Griffin and Joe Dekker are near a...
    • Roundup Riders of the Rockies (Colo.)--People--1940-1950.; Trail riding--Colorado--1940-1950.; Campfires--Colorado--1940-1950.; Clothing & dress--Colorado--1940-1950.; Organizations--Colorado--1940-1950.; Outdoor cookery--Colorado--1940-1950.; Rest...
    • 1948 July
    • Forest Rangers

    • Men pose by rocks, a campfire, coffee pots and horses. Outfits include fedora and Montana peak hats.
    • Rangers--1890-1930.
    • [between 1890 and 1925?]
    • The Messenger

    • A photomontage by Charles Craig of Native American (Ute) men (including Buckskin Charlie), women and children, in profile, facing a messenger (Severo) on a horse. Severo wears a headdress and points to the background. The landscape and foreground,...
    • Indians of North America--Children--1890-1900.; Ute Indians--Women--1890-1900.; Buckskin Charlie, Ute Chief.; Severo, Chief.
    • 1898
    • Gen. Cook's expedition and the Black Hills, corrall [sic] formed by the packs

    • View of General George Crook's expedition camp on French Creek in the Black Hills, Dakota Territory, shows Chief Packer Tom Moore with his men with a circle corral of pack cushions, or aparejos, and campfire smoke. The United States army men lounge...
    • Dakota Indians--War, 1876--Dakota Territory--1870-1880.; Indians of North America--War--Dakota Territory--1870-1880.; Dakota Territory--1870-1880.; Campaigns & battles--Dakota Territory--1870-1880.; Soldiers--Dakota Territory--1870-1880.; Crook,...
    • 1876
    • Out door grill donated by Girl Scouts [sic]

    • View of a stone and cement grill and chimney in Washington Park, Denver, Colorado. A sign above on the chimney reads: "Presented To The City & County of Denver By The Denver Campfire Girls".
    • Camp Fire Girls--Public relations--1930-1950.; Denver (Colo.)--1930-1950.; Washington Park (Denver, Colo.)--1930-1950.; Barbecue grills--Colorado--Denver--1930-1950.; Parks--Colorado--Denver--1930-1950.
    • [between 1930 and 1950]


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